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OEM Casting and Forging


Forged Aluminum Piston (Alumite-treated)

Though difficult to manufacture, Yamaha has mastered forging large-diameter aluminum pistons with high levels of precision.

Forged Aluminum Piston (Alumite-treated)

Forged Aluminum Piston (Alumite-treated)

Because of the large piece of aluminum used, an extremely high amount of pressing force and forming load is needed to forge large-diameter pistons. Yamaha's high-force presses are capable of meeting very precise forging requirements, enabling mass production of these pistons. Furthermore, an alumite treatment prevents adhesion and impact wear around the piston ring grooves.

Product category Motorcycles
Material Aluminum alloy (A4Y03FD)
Used for Engines
Diameter 100 mm
Weight 345.5 g
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