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OEM Casting and Forging

Transmission Gear

Even with their complex shapes, transmission gears can be forged with a high degree of precision using a combination of hot and cold forming.

Transmission Gear
Transmission Gear
Transmission Gear

Transmission Gear

Based on extensive data accumulated from forming analysis, die stress analysis, etc., Yamaha has constructed an ideal forming system that produces near-net shape forgings. Using a combination of hot and cold forming, we can produce parts with complex shapes with a high degree of precision.

Heat Treatment
Carburizing and quenching is used to increase surface hardness, and improve bending fatigue strength, surface fatigue strength and wear resistance. The result is long-lasting and higher-performing products.

Product category Motorcycles/Automobiles and Others
Forging method/
heat treatment
Hot forging, carburizing and quenching
Material SCM or equivalent
Used for Engines
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