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Forged Aluminum Piston (Defric-coated)

These forged pistons have complex shapes and are used in high-performance engines.

Forged Aluminum Piston (Defric-coated)

Forged Aluminum Piston (Defric-coated)

Forged pistons used in high-performance motorcycle engines are thin-walled and lightweight, and thus feature many strengthening ribs that require very complex die shapes. To extend die life, extensive stress analysis is performed during pre-production to devise stress-reducing shapes that also make it possible to significantly reduce piston weight. The application of a Defric coating reduces the piston's wear coefficient, thereby enhancing break-in, preventing scoring and reducing friction.

Product category Motorcycles
Material Aluminum alloy (A4Y01FD)
Used for Engines
Diameter 79 mm
Weight 176.8 g
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