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Resolving Local Community Issues Social Contribution Activities

Introducing examples of activities that contribute to solutions for community issues

Support for Regions Impacted by Australia Bushfires

Yamaha Motor Australia (YMA) has offered assistance to communities in the northern region of New South Wales (NSW) affected by the major bushfires that have been raging across Australia since September 2019. YMA donated EF3000iS generator to the fire department of Wauchope, NSW to assist homes ravaged by the fires, and PW50 motorcycle to the Lions Club of Tully, NSW as lottery prizes for a bushfire relief charity.

The funds raised through this charity lottery were used to support local volunteer firefighters.

Explaining the purpose of the donation, YMA's marketing manager said, "YMA and our partner Ride ADV regularly use the trails around Wauchope. With the town hit by unprecedented fires, it's time for us to give back to the community."

Support for Regions Impacted by Australia Bushfires
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