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Developing Future Leaders Social Contribution Activities

Introducing examples of activities that contribute to local communities and society at large

"Knowing and Experiencing" Electricity Through Lessons at a Local Elementary School

A hands-on class called the “Electric Vehicle Class" was organized at an elementary school in Fukuroi city, Shizuoka prefecture. Group employees served as speakers, teaching 6th-graders how to create electricity using familiar objects and how motors that turn through electromagnetic power function, among other lessons. The children then moved to the gymnasium, where a test-ride event involving electrically power assisted bicycles and electric wheelchairs was held. This helped them experience how the electricity and motors they had just learned about assist people in everyday life. The teacher in charge commented: "In the current situation where measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus have severely impacted the children's school lives and reduced their opportunities to touch real objects, experiential activities like these are extremely valuable."

[Knowing and Experiencing] Electricity Through Lessons at a Local Elementary School
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