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Environmental Conservation Social Contribution Activities

Introducing examples of activities that contribute to environmental preservation in the communities

Creating New Rider Friends Through Beach Cleanups

The annual beach cleanup activities being held by YMT (Taiwan) have welcomed its fifth year. In this CSR activity, dealers and customers work together to carry out beach cleanup. The number of participating dealers has increased to seven. It is defined as a voluntary local contribution activity in which riders become engaged in protecting the environment. It is helping to raise the impression of motorcycle riders held by society and has even become an opportunity for riders to make new friends. In 2020, the cleanup was held on the beaches of Jinshan, a port city on the northern coast of Taiwan. Despite the sweltering heat of 35℃, a total of roughly 120 participants, which included not only riders and dealer staff members but also their families, friends, and children, worked energetically to pick up trash on the beach.

Creating New Rider Friends Through Beach Cleanups
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