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Adoption of a fly-by wire system

The main aim of the 2006 machine development was to add further maturation while maintaining the same basic concepts as the 2005 machine. Changes were made in the engine bore and stroke specs and a fly-by wire (FBW) system was adopted to bring greater ease of use to the EMS. The main factor behind the increased rpm and power output achieved on this model was the maturation of the EMS. The existing "2 x 2 ICS" system that controlled two of the four cylinders was replaced by a new fly-by wire system that regulated the throttle valve action for all four cylinders by electronic control. This made possible more effective and speedier setting adjustments at the racetrack. The system also included further maturation of the torque control, engine-brake control, wheelie control and starting control functions. During the course of the season new specs were introduced and, in all, these spec changes increased top rpm by 400 rpm and increased max. power output by 5 PS. The frame was newly developed with improvements like a more rigid rear arm mounting assembly.

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  • Spec

    • Capacity - 990cc
    • Max Power - 240PS
  • Records


    1st: 5 Valentino Rossi Camel Yamaha Team Qatar, Iatly, Catalunya, Germany, Malaysia


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