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Valentino Rossi

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Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi


Born: 1-Feb-79

Born February 1979. A major star of the racing world with nine world titles. Joined Yamaha in 2004 and rode a YZR-M1 to victory four times in 2004, 2005, 2008 and 2009. In 2011 Rossi will leave Yamaha to ride in the MotoGP with Ducati. After taking the GP125 title in 1997 and the GP250 title in 1999 on Aprilia machines, Rossi moved up to the 500cc class from 2000. For three years straight from 2001, he won the pinnacle 500cc/MotoGP World Championships on Honda machines. He switched to Yamaha in 2004 and immediately won the season's opening round, going on to take the title that year with a total of nine wins including his curtain-raiser victory. In 2005, he took the title again with a total of 11 victories. In 2006 and 2007, he continued to battle for the championship title, but a series of mishaps resulted in rankings of 2nd and 3rd, respectively. In 2008, however, he regained the championship title with a total of nine wins. In 2009, he was again champion, with six wins. Rossi was the championship titleholder in a total of nine Grand Prix competitions.

In 2010, despite being scratched from four races because of injury, he still achieved a ranking of 3rd. In the Malaysia GP of that year, he chalked up his season's second win, his 46th victory on a YZR-M1, the same as his race number 46. His riding style was characterized by skillfully controlled tire slides and a habit of putting his inside leg out before entering a corner. He is also highly respected for his race set-up and settings capability. He is known, too, for his entertainment value, and his various antics delight fans. His helmet and machine are adorned with unique designs.

Racing career

YearClassResult & Pole positionMachine
2004 MotoGP Champion PP: 5 1st: 9 2nd: 2 3rd: 0 YZR-M1(0WP3)
2005 MotoGP Champion PP: 5 1st: 11 2nd: 3 3rd: 2 YZR-M1(0WP4)
2006 MotoGP 2nd PP: 5 1st: 5 2nd: 4 3rd: 1 YZR-M1(0WR3)
2007 MotoGP 3rd PP: 4 1st: 4 2nd: 3 3rd: 1 YZR-M1(0WS4)
2008 MotoGP Champion PP: 2 1st: 9 2nd: 5 3rd: 2 YZR-M1(0WS5)
2009 MotoGP Champion PP: 7 1st: 6 2nd: 5 3rd: 2 YZR-M1(0WS8)
2010 MotoGP 3rd PP: 1 1st: 2 2nd: 2 3rd: 6 YZR-M1(0WS9)

*Results for years with a Yamaha factory team, riding a Yamaha factory machine or ranked 5th or higher riding a Yamaha production racer (World GP, World F750)


  • Portugal GP in 2004

    Portugal GP in 2004

  • China GP in 2005

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  • Catalunya GP in 2006

    Catalunya GP in 2006

  • Australia GP in 2007

    Australia GP in 2007

  • Italy GP in 2008

    Italy GP in 2008

  • Czech GP in 2009

    Czech GP in 2009

  • Valencia GP in 2010

    Valencia GP in 2010

  • German GP in 2008

    German GP in 2008


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