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October 19, 2005

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The Art of Engineering

·About the Yamaha Booth

·Highlights of the Yamaha Booth


World Premiere-9 models

[Special exhibition model:prototype]





·MAXAM 3000




[Planned for production]


Japan Premiere-7 models

[Special exhibition model:export spec]






·Roadliner S

[Special exhibition model:overseas manufactured model]


Other Display models

[Special exhibition model:export spec]


[Production model]


[Commemorative models]

·YZR-M1 #46

·YZ450FM #72

·125 YA-1

About the Yamaha Booth

As with the last show, the Yamaha booth concept for the 39th Tokyo Motor Show is "The Art of Engineering." In this 50th anniversary year of Yamaha Motor's founding, the booth is designed to present the company's product creation efforts of the past, the present and visions for the future, with a focus on what this wonderfully unique and enjoyable vehicle known as the motorcycle can be.

Using museum-like display presentation, the booth seeks to express the world of excitement a motorcycle can provide and the new smartness a commuter bike can bring through displays of 21 models, including nine world premiere models and seven Japan premiere models. All in all it is an expression of the corporate culture of Yamaha Motor, a company striving to be the customers "Only One" brand.

While presenting these models in the context of works of art, we want to express the Yamaha philosophies and individualities built into the products, including "the latest innovative technologies," "the fusion of design and performance" and "the marriage of environmental friendliness and Kando." Here you will see embodiments of Yamaha's corporate mission of "We Create Kando" in a world of motorcycles that offer fun, joy and excitement such as you have never experienced before.

Booth layout


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