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October 19, 2005

Highlights of the Yamaha Booth

On display at the main booth entrance is Yamaha Motor's very first motorcycle, the YA-1, affectionately known in its day as the "Red Dragonfly." This model is the starting point of Yamaha's 50 years of product creation. Here you will also see Yamaha's latest supersport models, the new YZF-R6 and YZF-R1 SP, as well as our MotoGP and World Motocross Championship title-winning machines. On the next stage stands the XT250X, a new machine that proposes a "stylish Motard," along with the MT-01 and MT-03 models built to offer an ultimate "kodo" (pulse = heartbeat) experience, as well as the cruiser models FJR1300AS, mounting the new YCC-S (Yamaha Chip Controlled Shift) system, and the new flagship cruiser Roadliner S. Filling out this exciting world of Yamaha motorcycles are other new models like the 1,000cc naked model FZ1 and semi-cowl model FZ1 FAZER.

At the center of the booth stands a stage shaped like a flowing vector pointing the way into the future, and in the center of this stage you will see Yamaha's proposal of a "high-performance hybrid motorcycle" named Gen-Ryu. This is a concept model reflecting both Yamaha's existing "Genesis" engineering ideal and the company's new "G.E.N.I.C.H." ideal that incorporates the latest electronic control technologies.
Also, you will see the two-wheel-drive (2WD) EV (electric vehicle) concept model DEINONYCHUS that takes full advantage of the greater chassis design freedom afforded by an in-wheel motor, to enable a "Stretch & Shrink" design that allows both vertical and horizontal adjustment of the bike dimensions. There is also displayed here the HV-01 concept model scooter that is an electric motor and gasoline engine hybrid.
In addition, visitors will get to see a sculpture representing the next "VMAX."

Expressing Yamaha's proposals for a world of "Smartness" in commuter vehicles are new machines including the concept model MAXAM 3000, a big scooter with design touches to create an image of "pickup styling" and the new VOX, a 50cc commuter model designed with a playful spirit of fun. Also on display are models showing Yamaha's position as a pioneer in the 2-wheeled EV field, including the Passol-L and EC-02 models that run solely on electricity and the FC-me model powered by Yamaha's exclusive direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) system.

Besides all these display models, visitors will find monitors introducing their original features and technologies in easy to understand presentations. In line with the artistic theme of the booth, we have also created display items that express the Man-Machine Sensuality (Jinki-Kanno) concept behind Yamaha's product development and race activities and components representative of our latest technologies, as exemplified by the new "G.E.N.I.C.H." ideal. All of this comes together as an expression of Yamaha's dedication to "The Art of Engineering."


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