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October 24, 2001



About the Yamaha Booth

Booth Design

Displayed model list

"OTODAMA"(Sculpture object)



Road Star Warrior


Majesty/Majesty ABS/Majesty C



SP-01/Racer 01/Folding PAS


XVS1100A DragStar Classic11/XVS400 DragStar




The Yamaha Booth for the 35th Tokyo Motor Show is designed around the theme of "Touching Your Heart." In the booth you will also see further display and design elements expressing the sub-theme of "Man-Machine Excitement," which is one of the primary ideals behind all the products we create.

A motorcycle is more than just the sum of its specifications indicating such tangibles as power output, torque and structural details. Intangible elements like the joy of riding it, its sound and pulse and also styling are all important aspects of the motorcycle as well.
One of our ongoing technological challenges in motorcycle design lies in this important realm of performance that can only be measured by the human senses, which at Yamaha we call "Man-Machine Excitement."

The Yamaha booth has been designed with creative elements intended to help visitors experience exactly what we mean by "Man-Machine Excitement." In the central area of the booth you will find a zone creating a world of sound and pulse by means of a "Octaphonic" 3-dimensional sound system and motorcycle sound simulators that combine to offer up a new world of motorcycle experience.

The central creation in this space is a sculpture representing a V4 engine and titled "OTODAMA." This is a creation that transcends the common image of a motor in expressing the immense power of a multi-cylinder, large-displacement power unit and the sound and pulse that is unique to a V engine. This sculpture sits in the middle of a space designed to represent an "incubator" that creates a powerful expression of the "life force" embodied in a V engine.

Positioned around this "Incubator" sound and pulse zone are areas dedicated to "2002 Feature Models," "2002 Domestic Models," "Presentation Models," "Fun Vehicles," "Racing Machines" and a "Man-Machine Excitement Gallery." In this way, the entire booth centers around objects and sound that conjure up a whole new world of motorcycle experience not possible to express in just spoken or written words.

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