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Introducing the stories behind Yamaha Motor's technologies.

JSAE Awards

These awards are bestowed by the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE) in recognition of individuals or research teams that have developed new products or new technologies that have served to further advancement in the field of automotive technology (Technological Development Award) and individuals who author and/or co-author papers of particular excellence on the subject of automotive technology (Outstanding Technical Paper Award).
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2017 JSAE Outstanding Technical Paper Award

Development of Fracture-split Connecting Rods made of Titanium Alloy for Use on Supersport Motorcycles
Tsuyoshi Kubota, Kosuke Doi
Materials Division, Component Section, Engine Unit
Takeshi Murakami
Manufacturing Technology Division, Component Section, Engine Unit
Tetsu Miura
2nd Engine Development Division, Engine Development Section, Engine Unit
Yuuki Kojima
Unit Engineering Division, Component Section, Engine Unit

2006 JSAE Technological Development Award

Development of the Performance Damper automobile chassis anti-vibration device
Seiji Sawai, Kouji Sakai, Katsuhiro Kondou, Masahiro Satou
Automotive Business Unit

2001 JSAE Technological Development Award

Proposal and deployment of the REAS (Relative Absorber System)
Kouji Sakai
Automotive Business Unit

1987 JSAE Asahara Award of Merit in Technology

Establishment of practical technology for test mode analysis in motorcycles
Masao Furusawa
Research Department
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