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New Methods

A Culture of Enjoying the Challenge:
Methods and Processes
for Innovation

Our workplace culture actively encourages taking on challenges to make improvements and achieve advances. This in turn gives rise to new production methods and processes that become fixtures of our Monozukuri worksites.

The Latest in CF Aluminum Die-Casting

Making Large Parts Lighter and More Beautiful

At our aluminum casting worksites, dynamism and delicacy go hand in hand. Everything must be carefully controlled to maintain a delicate balance. Using the latest in casting analysis technology helps ensure each process is optimized.

Yamaha’s SpinForged Wheels

The “Industrial Pottery” Creating Wheels That Are Thin, Strong and Tough

The Yamaha SpinForged Wheels on the new MT-09 were created using a newly developed flow forming process, and as a pioneer in the casting of lightweight aluminum alloy wheels, Yamaha is again opening the door to a new realm of motorcycle chassis manufacturing.

Painting a New Engine Color

For a Sheen Communicating the Intrinsic Qualities of the Metal Itself

The new Crystal Graphite color was meant to create a sheen heavily emphasizing the metal’s innate qualities, with the semi-gloss finish making the engine’s various surface treatments appear even more beautiful.

Non-Contact 3D Core Measurement

Ensuring the Precision of Parts That Disappear

Although cores play a critical role in the casting process and directly influence the quality as well as performance of the final piece, said final piece bears no sign that the cores ever existed—they are “disappearing parts.”

Molding Fuel Tanks

A Constant Clash with Steel to Reach Greater Heights

The MT-09’s fuel tank is composed of complex, interwoven lines and surfaces that create a unique visual character. Fully tapping into the innate qualities and characteristics of the steel plate forming the tank, Yamaha ensures its safety, design appeal and functionality all meet high standards. It is a constant clash with steel to reach greater heights.

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