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The Extra Steps Producing
Uniquely Yamaha Value

The aesthetic ideals and sense of the Yamaha brand and the pride in our craft drive the finely honed skills and techniques behind the extra steps we take when building our products.
That extra effort to always go a step further is what constitutes Yamaha Motor Craftsmanship.

Polishing Aluminum Fuel Tanks

A Show of Metalwork Mastery

Although Yamaha overcame the high hurdles that emerged for manufacturing the beautiful aluminum fuel tanks for the YZF-R1, creating one still remains an ever-present challenge for those on the factory floor...

Engine Assembly via Cell Manufacturing

Hand-Building Engines with Soul

Like a fine watch, each SR400 engine is hand-assembled in its entirety from the ground up by a single craftsman, and even for a worker with highly experienced eyes and hands, the assembly process for a single engine demands a full hour of intense concentration.

Hand-Painted Parts and Bodywork

The Atelier of the Master Hand-Painter

At the paint shops for Yamaha motorcycles manufactured in Japan, robots faithfully reproduce the various techniques honed by craftsmen of paintwork, and are driving automation of the workplace. However, this doesn’t mean that Yamaha has removed the trained sense of these masters from the equation outright; in this now-automated paint shop remains a small atelier for passing on the skills and techniques for spraying on paint by hand.

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