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Tadahiko Taira

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Tadahiko Taira

Tadahiko Taira


Born: 1-Nov-56

Born November 1956. Taira is a rider with many outstanding records, titles and legends from All Japan Championships, World GP's and the Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race. Making his debut to road racing in the All Japan Novice 250cc of 1977, he scored a ranking of 3rd. In the first year after moving up to the junior classes in 1979, he recorded seven wins and one 2nd-place finish to become the 350cc class champion, and then in the following year he took the 350cc championship in the international A class.

In 1981 Taira made the step up to the 500cc class, and after making a contract with the Yamaha Factory Team in 1983, he took his first 500cc victory and secured his first title. After this, seven victories in 1984, and five victories in 1985 gave him an unrivalled status with three consecutive titles. Taira's first overseas race was the Daytona 200 Miles (finishing 5th) in March 1984, where he raced alongside Kenny Roberts and Eddie Lawson. Taira entered the full seasons of the GP250 in 1986 and the GP500 in 1987, here he finished in 9th and 6th places respectively. In the meantime, he also competed in the Suzuka 8 Hours during the mid-summer break of 1985. After a series of continued disappointments, in 1990 he took his long sought-after first win in his 6th challenge. The next year saw Taira competed for the full season again in the 500cc class, and then in March of 1992 he announced his retirement from racing. Since then, Taira has been running a racing team through his pro-shop, contributes articles to motorcycle magazines, and teaches in riding schools.

Racing career

YearClassResult & Pole positionMachine
1984 500cc 16th PP: 0 1st: 0 2nd: 0 3rd: 0 YZR500(0W76)
1985 500cc 21st PP: 0 1st: 0 2nd: 0 3rd: 0 YZR500(0W81)
1986 250cc 9th PP: 0 1st: 1 2nd: 0 3rd: 0 YZR250(0W82)
1987 500cc 6th PP: 0 1st: 0 2nd: 0 3rd: 1 YZR500(0W86)
1988 500cc 15th PP: 1 1st: 0 2nd: 0 3rd: 0 YZR500(0W98)
1989 500cc 14th PP: 1 1st: 0 2nd: 0 3rd: 0 YZR500(0WA8)
1990 500cc 23rd PP: 0 1st: 0 2nd: 0 3rd: 0 YZR500(0WC1)
1991 500cc no point PP: 0 1st: 0 2nd: 0 3rd: 0 YZR500(0WD3)

*Results for years with a Yamaha factory team, riding a Yamaha factory machine or ranked 5th or higher riding a Yamaha production racer (World GP, World F750)


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