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  • MotoGP
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Twin mufflers and left-right asymmetric rear arm

The 60-degree V engine bank that had been a remnant of the rotary disc valve era was widened to a 70-degree bank that better fit the crankcase reed valve engine, and the space around it was optimized. The exhaust pipe layout was also changed, with the pipes from the lower (front-side) two cylinders crossing under the engine and brought out on the right side. To accommodate this, a left-right asymmetric rear arm with a large upward arch on the right side was adopted. In addition, carbon disc brakes were used for the first time from round 12, the British GP. W. Rainey got his first GP500 win for Yamaha in this race. On the season, E. Lawson won seven rounds and took his third GP500 title. With K. Magee and Rainey also winning one round each, Yamaha won its fifth Manufacturer's title.

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  • Spec

    • Capacity - 499cc
    • Max Power - 150PS
  • Records


    1st: 1 Kevin Magee Team Lucky-Strike Roberts Spain
    1st: 1 Wayne Rainey Team Lucky-Strike Roberts UK
    1st: 7 Eddie Lawson Yamaha Marlboro Team USA, Portugal, Italy (Nations),Austria, France, Sweden, Brazil


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