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I would like to request for links to a Yamaha Motor Web site from my Web site.
As a basic rule, links can be made to our website as long as they are for non-profit purposes. Sites with offensive content deemed unsuitable for links will not be permitted to link to our Web sites, and we reserve the right to remove such links. When linking to our website, the use of frames or tools that make the content of our pages appear to be part of the home page from which the link is made, or any other practices that lead to confusion concerning the origin of the content are unacceptable. Design the links so that the user is transferred directly or via a new browser page to the Yamaha Motor Website.
Yamaha Motor website URLs may change or be deleted without notice. When posting a link, you must use the banner supplied in our "Terms Of Use: about links" site. Altering the banner in any way is strictly prohibited.


I would like Yamaha Motor to link to my website.
Yamaha Motor Company policy dictates that requests for links are declined.


Can I use the images and logos used in Yamaha Motor's websites for my website(s)?
All contents on our websites are subject to copyrights, image rights, trademark rights, and rights of other companies and individuals. We strictly prohibit the use of any contents on our websites for commercial purposes. For private use, we ask that you assume full individual responsibility in deciding whether usage is appropriate and legally sound.


How does Yamaha Motor manage information (including personal user information) obtained through its website?
The use of personal user information that is obtained through our website is limited to Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., Yamaha Motorcycle Sales Japan Co.,Ltd., and authorized Yamaha Motor dealers. We may contact the information provider directly in some cases.


Is personal user information secure with Yamaha Motor?
Yes. The information you have provided is safe and secure with us. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect the security of personal user information.


What can I do when web pages cannot be viewed correctly or are not functioning?
Please refer to our "System Requirements, Plug-in" page for more details concerning the recommended environment for viewing our websites.
It is possible to view the contents of the sites in other environments, but some site functions may be limited.


How can I find the information I am looking for?
You can use our website search engine. Enter key words in the search engine window located in the upper area (header) on each of our web pages.


I cannot find the answer to my query in the FAQs list.
Please fill in the inquiry form below.

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