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Introducing our initiatives to provide value through Monozukuri (engineering, manufacturing and marketing) and services, and to promote safe driving

Aiming to be an engineering, manufacturing and marketing enterprise that gives customers a sense of Kando*

The Yamaha Motor Group’s product quality and Monozukuri (engineering, manufacturing and marketing) are based on maintaining ongoing, close relationships with our customers. Going forward, we believe we must continue to strive to enhance this product quality by taking a customer-oriented approach. To do this, all divisions are striving to raise the quality of the work they perform.

We will continue to undertake activities that provide a sense of excitement to customers. We will strive to achieve the best quality possible and realize safety and reliability, based on a customer-oriented approach that emphasizes a deep sense of emotion in accordance with the spirit of the Yamaha Brand Charter.

*Kando is a Japanese word for the simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that we experience when we encounter something of exceptional value.

Providing New Excitement

Yamaha’s corporate mission of being a “Kando Creating Company” is an expression of our desire to offer our customers around the world products and services that bring joy and unexpected exhilaration of the kind that enriches their lives with new fulfillment, in harmony with society and the environment.

Being such a company requires us to constantly uphold our standing as an excellent engineering, manufacturing and marketing enterprise with a prominent global presence. Product creation begins with the customer. Our task as a manufacturer is to enhance our competitiveness by maximizing and optimizing the value of the products we provide to customers, in terms of their appeal, reliability and cost performance, in ways that exceed customer expectations.

Customer satisfaction regarding Yamaha Motorcycles

  2015 2016 2017 2018
Satisfied customers 92% 92% 95% 95%

Figures are the percentage of customers in each year who purchased a major motorcycle model in the previous year and gave a customer satisfaction rating of 4 or higher on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) in sampling surveys.
(Countries covered: Japan, United States, Germany, France, Spain, Taiwan, China, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia)

Approach to Quality

Yamaha Motor is working daily to improve quality and to provide customers with peace of mind and confidence as well as a sense of excitement. The Basic Policies for Quality form the standard against which these activities are judged. As Yamaha Motor’s president has declared, these are Groupwide policies under which “To constantly provide peace of mind, confidence and a sense of excitement to customers, we strive to achieve the best quality possible, by creating suitable standards of safety and reliability to realize high-quality products and services effectively, taking a customer-oriented approach that emphasizes a deep sense of emotion in accordance with the spirit of the Yamaha Brand Charter.”

Under these policies, we formulated the YQ2021 Companywide medium-term quality policy covering the years 2019-2021, which sets three specific goals for our business activities: quality that provides exceptional excitement; quality that challenges; and quality that is trusted.

In addition, the Yamaha Group's Quality Assurance Standards conforming to ISO9001 form the basis for continuous improvement to quality management systems.

Structure for Improving Quality

The Product Assurance Committee is the highest organization for determining quality assurance Companywide. This committee deliberates policies and measures for quality, the formulation, revision, and abolishment of Quality Assurance Standards, and responses to quality-related issues. Its decisions are passed on to persons responsible for quality management at operating divisions and administrative divisions at Quality Assurance Meetings, and implemented at manufacturing sites. We have also established a Market Quality Information Oversight Committee, which is authorized by the President and CEO to investigate and make reports, for the purpose of appropriately maintaining market quality information processing operations including information regarding product defects in each market and information regarding maintenance covered by product guarantees.

Quality Enhancement Activities

To ensure that employees have ingrained, quality-related knowledge and skills, training for quality is annually held for new hires, for employees related to manufacturing two to five years after being hired, and for persons newly appointed to management positions. In addition, education and training programs are annually in place to enhance the skills of employees, to ensure that they are technologically proficient with regard to quality related specifically to their type of work and specialization.

With those programs as a base, all employees undertake the “I am Yamaha” activities for enhancing quality during their actual work. These activities encourage a strong sense of ownership in every employee, so that each individual believes, “It is I, and no one else, who is personally responsible for making the Yamaha brand shine.” This attitude, along with a customer-oriented approach, allows employees to refine their powers of perception (ability to make discoveries) and to enhance the quality of their work. Both as an organization and as individuals, we will strive to further improve quality by working to: (1) enhance our customer sense; (2) increase interaction; (3) learn from mistakes; and (4) do high-quality work.

Specifically, this includes the operation of a Learning through Experience Hall that uses product and panel displays to learn from past mistakes, planning events for interaction with other companies, issuing educational leaflets, and conducting awareness surveys. Moreover, product divisions undertake their own effective activities based on their respective circumstances, to further increase awareness and create more opportunities for learning.

Approach to Service

The Yamaha Motor Group views after sales service as an important aspect of quality, and that principle is laid out in our Basic Policies for Quality as “To constantly provide peace of mind, confidence and a sense of excitement to customers, we strive to achieve the best quality possible, by creating suitable standards of safety and reliability to realize high-quality products and services effectively.” Under these policies, we have introduced the slogan “One to One Service” for the active creation of positive relationships with each individual customer. Accordingly, we operate the Yamaha Technical Academy (YTA) program around the world to train service technicians as per our proprietary unified global standard. Trainers in each country who have been trained by headquarters hold regular classes for the service staff in their country, so that they acquire technical skills that are up to Yamaha’s unified global standard. This program has three levels of accreditation – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – and dealers display certificates showing the level that the dealership has received. In 2018, the percentage of technicians in our 24 major countries with YTA certification was 76% (of a targeted 80%), and the percentage of dealerships with a certified technician was 84%.

In addition, the Yamaha Parts & Accessories Academy is a similar training program covering the parts and accessories that are essential for after sales service.

Yamaha World Technician Grand Prix

The Yamaha World Technician Grand Prix is one of our activities to deliver even greater customer satisfaction by enhancing the technical abilities used in daily work by service staff who have been trained at the YTA. The top finishers at regional preliminary rounds gather at our headquarters once every two years to compete in a contest to determine the world champions in the areas of “high level of technical skills,” “easy-to-understand explanations,” and “Kando response.” Service staff from around the world participate in this competition, and their motivation to be a top finisher is reflected in their daily service activities.

Responding to Customers

We want customers to use our products with peace of mind for a long time. This makes a stable supply of parts indispensable. To prevent shortages for motorcycles, we maintain a minimum of a 10-year supply of parts, and have built a system where customers can order parts online and have them delivered quickly. For customer convenience, we also keep a parts list published on the website, so that customers can use a personal computer or smartphone to identify the parts they need and order them from dealers.

Our service activities also include a “time commitment service,” mainly in the ASEAN region where many people use motorcycles as a means of daily transportation. For example, we tell the customer, “A regular inspection will take this long,” or “An oil change will take this long,” committing to the amount of time the customer has given us and not causing stress for the customer by saying, “We don’t know when it will be finished.”

Use of Customer Information

The Yamaha Motor Group views opinions and requests from customers as expressions of their expectations for our products and services, so we carefully respond to each opinion and request we receive, in the belief that raising the level of customer satisfaction will lead to trust. Based on this spirit, we undertake various activities to know how customers evaluate and use our products, and to learn how to improve our products and what kinds of products to make in the future. For example, we send an Internet survey to customers who have purchased a new product, and in some cases, we may ask the customer in person for a more detailed evaluation.

Our Customer Communication Center (available only in Japan) handles customer inquiries related to our products and services, including motorcycles, marine products, electrically power assisted bicycles, generators, and snow throwers. Comments received from customers are stored in a database, and are made available within the Company so that they can be used to develop and improve our products and enhance our services.

Riding Safety Promotion Activities

Customer safety is our first priority, and in addition to enhancing product quality, we continue to put our maximum effort into activities which explain to customers in an appropriate manner how to use our products correctly.

These efforts include the publication of catalogs and brochures that convey the attractiveness of our products and product manuals that explain correct product use, as well as safety promotion activities such as riding schools that allow customers to gain first-hand knowledge about using our products.

The following is an introduction of some of the activities organized by our various businesses that help customers understand how to use our products properly.


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