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Vol. 15 Sharing Dreams

New South Wales, Australia - September 30, 2019

New South Wales, Australia

Children’s dreams know no bounds. Once they find something they can’t take their minds or eyes off of, somewhere they want to go or what they want to be, that genuine aspiration becomes what drives them as they grow and mature under the watchful and caring eyes of their parents.
Zane Burchell has his eyes fixed on one thing—going to the AMA in the United States to compete with some of the best dirt track racers in the world.
And one man from Yamaha Motor is the one working this field of dreams, nurturing the seeds of Yamaha Blue and helping them grow on dirt bike tracks across Australia.

From its vast size and diverse topography, the island continent of Australia has fostered its own unique dirt bike culture. It’s a paradise for off-road enthusiasts; of the motorcycles sold by Yamaha Motor Australia, over 60% are off-road models.

The YZ65 is a smaller model for competition motocross and is primarily aimed at younger riders aged 12 and under.* At this time in a child’s growth, which is also a crucial stage for sharpening their racing skills, kids aged 9 to 12 participating in the YZ65 Cup can not only hone their skills but also gain once-in-a-lifetime experiences that help them dream even bigger through Yamaha’s bLU cRU rider support program.

Zane is one of those kids. With his YZ65 loaded up, he and his family set off in their SUV for his next YZ65 Cup race. Once there, he gets autographs and advice from his favorite Yamaha factory riders before blasting around the track during the race, watched by hundreds of spectators. For him and his fellow riders, all at the same impressionable age, each time they take to the track undoubtedly becomes an experience that will stay with them forever.

Yamaha hopes to help nurture children’s dreams and aspirations, and inspire them to keep moving forward to realize those dreams, rising to meet whatever challenges they may face along the way.

We share the same dream... That’s how we work to plant and grow the seeds of the future for Yamaha Blue.

*Rider weight can be no higher than 50 kg.


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