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Employee Volunteer Activities

Introducing examples of employee volunteer activities in the communities

Employee Volunteer Activities

In addition to the social contribution initiatives that the Yamaha Motor Group conducts through its business activities, the Group also supports employee volunteer activities using a system that provides information via the Company intranet. Examples of creating an environment that facilitates employee involvement include notifying and recruiting employees for volunteer activities via the Company intranet, and providing volunteers with caps and uniforms. Some specific initiatives from Japan are discussed below.

Conveying the Joy of Monozukuri (engineering, manufacturing and marketing)

The Fun Engine Laboratory is a volunteer organization that was established 15 years ago by current and former Yamaha Motor employees. These volunteers pass on the dreams and joy of machines and Monozukuri by giving children the opportunity to experience and play with actual machinery.

During 2016, the Group conveyed the joy of Monozukuri to 565 children at 16 events held throughout six locations including our home base of Iwata City and the cities of Hamamatsu and Sendai, based on themes such as “how to assemble/disassemble an engine,” “making a wind car,” and “electrically powered vehicles.”

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