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Where the road ends.

“Where does this road go?”. The simple curiosity of a true rider.


A single road stretches out ahead.
I can’t suppress my excitement to make the first step.
Wondering where this road will take me.

Still young, and plenty of knowledge yet to acquire.
The landscape unfolds before my eyes, its beauty the subject of my curiosity.
Each step I take feels like turning a new page of a picture book.

However, after a while walking I thought.
A road’s existence means that others have already walked here.
From this ambiguous behavior, a new purpose sprouts.
If I walk to the end of this road, I will experience unseen scenery.

Walking in a daze, walking and walking.
No matter how many repeated small paces made, the end is never in sight.
I fall to the ground in defeat. The sky above more blue than usual.

Now as an adult, a motorcycle is beside me.
In the blink of an eye with speed and power, humans sent into the distance
Whilst giving the satisfaction that you’re running by the power of your own strength.
Once again, I head down the road the stretches out ahead.

As the dawn breaks, I leave this bustling town heading west towards the Pacific Ocean.
To cross the mountains that vertically divide the archipelago, I open the throttle.
Cutting through the cold autumn wind.

Some people say that to travel by car is comfortable,
to travel by motorbike is pleasurable.
Distinguishing the two by whether there is a physical load or not.

An unsteady vehicle that can’t run alone without rider,
tension and anxiety, driving the body left and right.
Concentration levels high for all inevitable turns.

Beyond a great deal of mountains, I skirt countless communities;
After several hundred kilometers, I find myself at the Sea of Japan.
Finally arriving with heavy exaltation, this is the end of the road.
A state of mind that can’t be found following the comfort of a car or train.

To be a rider, you mustn’t forget the simple curiosity of a child, instead be faithful to it.
Running and running along the path in front, you’ll find the essence of the motorcycle.

A new discovery always a little way ahead.

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