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Design Exhibit: The Specialists Behind a Product’s Form

2019 Exhibitions - Vol. 3

The Specialists Behind a Product’s FormDesign Exhibit

Exhibition Period: 2019

“Refined Dynamism: Yamaha captivates users and helps create vibrant lifestyles through unparalleled beauty and dynamism.” This is Yamaha Motor’s Design Philosophy, and in the Plaza’s 1st floor Design Zone, we go into detail about the design work and features of various Yamaha products.

This exhibition covers the process of turning ideas into three-dimensional form and refining details for the final product. Through videos and displays of an actual clay model and work tools, we introduce the masterful skills our sculptors employ in the process, ranging from clay modeling to digital modeling and 3D measurement. We have also put the multi-award-winning MOTOROiD autonomous motorcycle on display nearby.

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