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The Bellies of Beasts — Yamaha Factory Racebikes Go Vertical

Exhibition Period: From June 2022

Each Yamaha factory racing machine is the result of talented engineers pouring in the entirety of their knowledge and passion toward the singular goal of making the bike as fast as possible. But in the process, a distinctive elegance emerges that can only be described as “functional beauty taken to the extreme.” The bellies of Yamaha’s two-wheeled beasts are almost always hidden by bodywork as they lap the circuit, so as you listen to the commentary on each model from the monitor, we hope you enjoy viewing our factory machines from angles even mechanics will typically never see.

LMWs – The History and Growth of the CategoryDesign Exhibit

Exhibition Period: From March 2020

Design is one of the chief factors in Yamaha Motor Monozukuri and true to the aesthetic traditions passed on since our founding, we see design as a way to brighten the lives of people and deliver vibrant experiences of Kando. At the Design Zone on the 1st floor, we highlight a variety of Yamaha Motor products and reveal specific details and the key points of Yamaha Motor Design.

For this exhibit, we highlight Yamaha’s Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) models, vehicles with three or more wheels that can lean through corners like a motorcycle. While the roots of LMW development go back to the late 1970s, the first production model released was the Tricity 125 unveiled in Italy at EICMA in 2013. Today, Yamaha continues to add to its lineup of LMW products with models like the NIKEN and Tricity 300, but is also bringing forth new ideas with the platform with concepts like the TRITOWN and MW-VISION.

This exhibits introduces the history behind Yamaha’s LMWs and the category’s growth toward the future through various products, design sketches and more.

Yamaha’s Casting TechnologyTechnology Exhibit

Exhibition Period: 2019 to 2020

Yamaha Motor always seeks high-quality Monozukuri in tune with human sensitivities, and while we dedicate ourselves to devising original and innovative concepts, creating technologies that maximize fun and reliability and conceiving designs embodying Refined Dynamism, we have continued polishing our craft to bring them to life as products leveraging our long years of technical expertise and know-how in the realm of manufacturing and production.

Among these is our casting technology for creating metal parts for motorcycles, outboard motors, automobile engines and more. Our history in casting stretches back to the era of Nippon Gakki (today’s Yamaha Corporation), from when we built our first motorcycle—the YA-1—to the present day, with our expertise growing with use in a variety of products.

This exhibit features the YZF-R1 and MT-09 as examples and introduces the standout points of Yamaha Motor’s casting technology.

What Kind of Rider Do You Want to Be?Lifestyle Exhibit: Scooters and Cruisers

Exhibition Period: August 2019 to 2020

The Lifestyle Display Area on the 1st floor features displays of various Yamaha products set in attractive or familiar scenes symbolic of our desire to deliver Kando and a more fulfilling lifestyle to people everywhere.

The theme for the current Lifestyle Display Area is “What if I bought a bike?” If you're looking to freely navigate and zip through city streets, a fashionable and convenient 50cc scooter might be the smart choice.

Or, might you prefer a sport bike with a powerful engine and a chassis with cutting-edge technologies for a more engaged riding experience or comfortable long-distance tours? Here is a chance to get a small taste of what it would be like to own a bike.

The models we offer as prospects are the E-Vino electric scooter, used on the popular Japanese TV program Will You Charge Me Up? with Degawa Tetsuro, and the Star Venture large-displacement luxury cruiser model that conjures up images of cruising across the continental U.S.

This display area allows you to step onto the stage decorated with riding apparel and backgrounds in the image of where and how these models are intended to be used, so feel free to hop on and strike a pose for biker cute or biker cool for a quick snapshot!

The E-Vino features charming retro styling and great eco-friendly performance, and the one on display is the same as the one on TV.
Slow-paced cruising against the night lights of the city on the Star Venture
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