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On the Winds of Our Past: Restoration and Dotaihozon

2019 Exhibitions - Vol. 2

On the Winds of Our Past: Restoration and Dotaihozon

Exhibition Period: August 2018 to 2019

The products born of our engineers’ technology and craftsmanship bring color and fulfillment to the daily lives of our customers until their service life quietly comes to an end. Restoration is the process of once again breathing life into Yamaha products from our past, and we continue to restore these products to their original condition to preserve as well as build on our corporate culture.

This exhibition celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Communication Plaza and features the work we do to restore the numerous products we have on display and house in our collection. The process of cleaning and buffing a worn and weather-beaten model—at times designing and machining parts from scratch—serves to bring back to life the knowledge and passion of the engineers that built it and pass it on to younger generations. This exhibition introduces Yamaha’s restoration work, covering not only the motives behind it but also the methods employed and the process itself to return past models to their original appearance as well as performance, maintaining them that way for future generations (dotaihozon).

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