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Jarno Saarinen, the “Flying Finn”

2019 Exhibitions - Vol. 1

Racing the World’s Best with JapanJarno Saarinen, the “Flying Finn”

Exhibition Period:April 16 to May 31, 2019

Some 50 years ago back in the early 1970s, Japanese motorcycles were beginning to take the world by storm and it was in this era that Finnish rider Jarno Saarinen emerged on the road racing scene like a comet, his unique riding style later becoming the standard of the sport. Entering the history books as the first Finnish motorcycle racing World Champion, he was loved the world over as the “Flying Finn” and remains a legend to this day. With 2019 commemorating 100 years of diplomatic relations between Finland and Japan, this display introduces Saarinen’s life and his racing exploits.

Display Content
・Replica of Saarinen’s 1972 TD-3 with 250cc World Champion colors
・Boards introducing Saarinen’s life and racing career
・Free commemorative post cards and pamphlets (while supplies last)

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