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Technology Exhibit: Handling is in the Details -4-

2018 Exhibitions - Vol. 2

Handling is in the Details -4-First Series of 2017: Technology Exhibit

Exhibition Period: June 2017 to December 2018

At the Communication Plaza, we aim to be a place where you can always find fresh new forms of the special excitement and fulfillment we call Kando by creating displays with a variety of current themes and exhibiting the latest Yamaha products. Our “Art of Engineering” exhibit shows the technology and art of Yamaha Monozukuri, and it’s one you won’t want to miss.

We continue our series that goes beyond the actual steering mechanisms and looks at the finer details of the technology and methodologies that influence a vehicle’s handling. This fourth edition covers four items:
- The drive unit for our electric wheelchairs and its fine-tuned electronics that deliver a natural feel to users
- The roughly 600 screws and bolts that go into each motorcycle and how their tightening torque and positioning influence handling and reliability
- Lightweight, high-rigidity and high-precision fracture-split (FS) conrods and how they improve engine reliability and performance at high rpm
- LED headlights meticulously developed for low weight, ideal positioning and shape in order to provide not only illumination of nighttime roads, but also contribute to handling and aerodynamic efficiency

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