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Design Exhibit: Motorcycle Design – Designing the MAX Series

2017 Exhibitions - Vol. 5

Motorcycle Design – Designing the MAX SeriesSecond Series of 2017: Design Exhibit

Exhibition Period: June to December 2017

In our Monozukuri, Yamaha captivates users and helps create vibrant lifestyles through unparalleled beauty and dynamism under our “Refined Dynamism” Design Philosophy. At the Design Zone on the 1st floor, we highlight a variety of Yamaha products and reveal specific details and the key points of Yamaha Motor Design.

For this fourth installment covering motorcycle design, we take a brief look at how the ideas and concepts for a model are given form. Using the XMAX300 model—part of our globally marketed MAX Series of sport scooters—as an example, the display features the actual sketches and clay model for the scooter, and describes the aims behind the designs of its various shapes and parts and how they were given foam.

Here’s another opportunity to see the process leading to exterior designs that “rev the heart.”

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