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2-Stroke Twins and Their Heritage

2017 Exhibitions - Vol. 4

2-Stroke Twins and Their Heritage

Exhibition Period: August to November 12, 2017

Since Yamaha Motor was founded, its specialty was motorcycles with simple and lightweight 2-stroke engines, building numerous models and earning a worldwide reputation for its knowledge and expertise with the format.

In particular, Yamaha built high-performance 2-stroke twins one after another that defined the eras they debuted in, a practice that lasted until the end of the 1990s. Even today, with motorcycles now comprised almost entirely of 4-strokes, these older 2-stroke models continue to fuel the passion of classic motorcycle enthusiasts.

This exhibition gathers together several 2-stroke twins that helped propel Yamaha motorcycles onto the world stage, introducing them together with samples of their unique exhaust notes for you to enjoy.

Feel free to take your time and savor the unique and timeless appeal of these iconic machines.

Machines on Display
1957 YD-1 ・1959 YDS-1 ・1962 YDS-2 ・1964 YDS-3
1967 DS5-E ・1969 DS6 ・1970 DX250 ・1973 RD250
1980 RZ250 ・1983 RZ250R ・1985 TZR250
・1989 TZR250 ・1990 R1-Z ・1991 TZR250R

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