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Design Exhibit: Motorcycle Design – Colors Complete the Design

2017 Exhibitions - Vol. 1

Motorcycle Design – Colors Complete the DesignFirst Series of 2017: Design Exhibit

Exhibition Period: January to June 2017

In our Monozukuri, Yamaha captivates users and helps create vibrant lifestyles through unparalleled beauty and dynamism under our “Refined Dynamism” Design Philosophy. At the Design Zone on the 1st floor, we highlight a variety of Yamaha Motor products and reveal specific details and the key points of Yamaha Motor Design.

For our third exhibit about motorcycle design, we focused on the localization of a model’s colors and graphics. We are surrounded by countless colors, tones and patterns, but we are also naturally drawn to colors and patterns rooted in the culture, customs and history of our country or region of birth.

Including such factors into the design and adjusting them accordingly is how the colors and graphics of one model are altered to best-fit each country it is marketed in. As an example, we introduced the methods used with the GDR155 sport scooter marketed in ASEAN countries and the color schemes available in five countries, and also put its clay model up for display.

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