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Design Exhibit: Motorcycle Design – Coloring and Graphics

2016 Exhibitions - Vol. 6

Motorcycle Design – Coloring and GraphicsSecond Series of 2016: Design Exhibit

Exhibition Period: September to December 2016

In our Monozukuri, Yamaha captivates users and helps create vibrant lifestyles through unparalleled beauty and dynamism under our “Refined Dynamism” Design Philosophy. At the Design Zone on the 1st floor, we highlight a variety of Yamaha Motor products and reveal specific details and the key points of Yamaha Motor Design.

Following the previous display that touched on the clay modeling and styling work in motorcycle design, the theme of this mini-exhibition was the coloring and graphics of a motorcycle’s exterior. Even if the shape is the same, a difference in coloring or the presence of graphics can greatly alter the impression you get from a motorcycle’s exterior. This can be considered the final step in the design process.

How do we grasp and reflect in a new product the tastes and preferences of users that are constantly changing based on factors like the area, the era and market trends? This mini-exhibition introduced those steps using a new scooter model for the Vietnamese market as an example.

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