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First Series of 2016: Technology, Design and Lifestyle Exhibits

2016 Exhibitions - Vol. 1

The Communication Plaza aims to always be a place where visitors can find new Kando and puts on exhibits and product displays in line with the seasons.
In the Lifestyle Display area, we replicated a typical wintertime scene (on view until mid-March) with a snowmobile and snow thrower depicting how Yamaha’s products can make life more comfortable and fun in areas with snowfall.
The Plaza also set up an “Art of Engineering” display (on view until the end of June) introducing Yamaha’s Monozukuri from the two-pronged perspective of technology and design.
In the Technology Zone, we put up displays that covered a vehicle’s handling, presenting various fundamental chassis parts and components along with easy-to-understand explanations of their shapes, materials and the reasons and ways they are used.
In the Design Zone, we introduced the exterior design concepts and processes behind the all-new MT-10 announced in Europe in 2015, and displayed the GEN series of design concept models that represent our search for new types of vehicles and express Yamaha’s “growing world of personal mobility.”

Lifestyle Display Area January to March 2016

Lifestyle Display: a re-creation of how winter days can be made more enjoyable with snowmobiles and snow throwers

Technology Zone March to June 2016

Technology Zone: displays of the various parts that create enjoyable handling that gives a rider complete control of the machine

Design Zone March to September 2016

Design Zone: introducing the details and attention paid to a model’s exterior form as seen in clay models and design sketches; displays of design concept models

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