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The Big-bike Collection – Third Series: Cruisers and Tourer Models

2015 Exhibitions - Vol. 2

In 1955, Yamaha Motor released the YA-1, its first motorcycle and a model that featured beautiful styling as well as light, agile performance. Yamaha began developing sport models and promoting their wider use earlier than other Japanese manufacturers, and would later continue challenging itself by introducing new concepts, technologies and designs into its Monozukuri. By releasing all kinds of highly original products, Yamaha expanded the market for motorcycles and continued striving to offer a more fulfilling motorcycling lifestyle to people all over the world.
Among its many motorcycles, the big-displacement models that hold the highest status are the centerpiece of this exhibition, and we display them in line with the three themes of “high performance models,” “distinctive models” and “cruisers & tourers.” We introduce products representative of each of these themes while touching on the background to their release and model variations.

Third Series: Cruisers and Tourer Models
Exhibition Period: April 20, 2015-June 27, 2015

In the six decades of Yamaha motorcycle history, some of the most shining examples have been Yamaha’s big bikes. For this third collection of models, we bring together motorcycles developed primarily for touring, and in that sense, they are representative examples of recreational motorcycling. They include American-style cruisers meant for enjoying laid-back, leisurely riding and European-style tourers with light, sporty character and high speed performance. We hope you will enjoy this mix of two unique styles of motorcycles.

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