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On the Job – Working Machines and Vehicles

2014 Exhibitions - Vol. 1

Exhibition Period: May 6, 2014 – October 31, 2014

Yamaha Motor offers products for leisure and sport that are familiar to people around the world—from our motorcycles and boats to WaveRunner personal watercraft and snowmobiles. But, that’s not all Yamaha products are used for. Numerous Yamaha vehicles and machines are used to support people’s daily lives and to perform various tasks at worksites. In this exhibition, we cast the spotlight on some Yamaha products that most people usually do not see or use very often, but nonetheless serve important roles for society. We introduced how these products were born, their features and how they are used on the job today in Japan and around the globe.

Main Exhibition Contents

  • Industrial-use Unmanned Helicopters
    A flying robot that works in agriculture, observation and surveying
    Product: “FAZER” unmanned helicopter with agrichemical spray equipment
    Mockup/scale models: Radio-controlled helicopter (flight simulator); compact
    electric-powered unmanned boat “0T91”; orchard-use unmanned prototype vehicle “0T90”
  • Yamaha's Small-scale Water Purification System
    Providing clean water for people in developing countries
    Mockup/scale model: Yamaha Clean Water System “YCW008”; Yamaha products at work in village communities (image)
  • Recreational Off-highway Vehicles (ROVs)
    Multi-purpose off-road vehicles used for all kinds of work on farms and ranches
    Product: VIKING FI 4x4 EPS
  • Industrial Robots
    Increasing productivity and quality in industrial goods manufacture
    Products: Cartesian robot; single-axis robot
  • Delivery-use Electrically Power Assisted Bicycles
    Hard at work as a clean and eco-friendly way to make deliveries!
    Products: Delivery-spec “PAS GEAR CARGO”; newspaper delivery-spec “PAS GEAR-U”
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