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Yamaha Boats and FRP Technology – Utility boats at work in waters around the world

2013 Exhibitions - Vol. 1

Exhibition Period: April 26, 2013 - September 28, 2013

In 1960, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. marketed its first production boat models made of FRP (fiber reinforced plastics), the "CAT-21" and "RUN-13." After that, the company went on to release new models in the commercial fishing boat and Japanese-style utility boat categories as well as large-class pleasure-use boats, thus developing its boat business to stand alongside its motorcycle business as one of the company's core business operations. At the same time, the Yamaha FRP processing and construction technology that supported the growth of Yamaha Motor's boat business has also been put to use in a range of other marine products as well as Yamaha swimming pools, snowmobiles and golf cars, with each new use bringing further maturation and evolution of the technology. Today, FRP technology stands along with Yamaha's small engine technology and electronic control technology as one of the company's core competencies. This special exhibition highlights FRP Japanese-style utility boats, the simplest in structure and shape among Yamaha Motor's boats and ones that are widely used in Japan and around the world. We introduced how these boats are constructed and used, Yamaha's boat history and some basic knowledge about FRP.

Exhibition Contents

  • Yamaha W-23PH utility boat on display (boardable).
  • Recreation of the FRP utility boat construction process with a 1/5 scale precision model and explanation panels.
  • Display panels of FRP utility boats at work on the waters of Japan.
  • Display panels of how FRP utility boats are used around the world in places like Africa, the Middle East and Central and South America.
  • Basic facts and knowledge about FRP, Yamaha boats and utility boats.
1. A look at FRP utility boats at work in Japan
2. A look at FRP utility boats at work worldwide
3. Basic facts about Yamaha boats and FRP technology
4. How an FRP utility boat is made
5. Board an actual utility boat
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