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Get behind the technology

2012 Exhibitions - Vol. 3

2012 Exhibitions - Vol. 3
Get behind the technology - what, why and how?

Exhibition Period: July 24, 2012 - October 21, 2012

Get behind the technology - what, why and how?

This exhibition was planned primarily for upper elementary school age and middle school students. It aimed to show young people how the Yamaha products they see around them in daily life actually work and what mechanisms they employ to function as they do. Using actual products and models along with simple experiments, the students were encouraged to look, touch and experience for themselves the way the products work.
A wide variety of Yamaha products in 12 categories, including a MotoGP race machine, outboard motors, PAS electrically power assisted bicycles, electric wheelchairs, golf cars, generators and more were exhibited and explained.

Exhibition Contents
An exhibit to learn about the speed of a MotoGP machine - an electric motorcycle for experiencing its unique ride - a display showing how an electrically power assisted bicycle works - an electric wheelchair for experiencing how it is operated - a golf car for experiencing and operating its electromagnetic guidance system - an experience of the vibration-absorbing effect of the Performance Damper - an example for learning about the assembly mechanism in a module type swimming pool - a display to experience and see the propulsion force of a personal watercraft - an experience of the power steering on an ATV - a section for generating electricity with a generator - a display of the structure and workings of an outboard motor propeller - an explanation of how corrosion is prevented in an outboard motor.

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