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Naoki Matsudo

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Naoki Matsudo

Naoki Matsudo


Born: 1-Mar-73

In 2001, rode a YZR250 in the GP250 with the Petronas Sprinta Team TVK. He placed 4th in the season's curtain-raiser, then steadily chalked up the points with a performance that included one 5th, two 6th, and two 7th places, earning him a ranking of 9th, Yamaha's highest for that year. In 1999, he took the title in the All Japan Road Race Championship, 250cc class on a Yamaha YZR250, and in 2000 raced in the GP250. That year he rode a YZ250, but in 2001 he changed to a YZR250. From 2002, he rode Yamaha's TZ250 in the GP250 with a privateer team. After that, he continued to race in Japan and worked as a test rider for a motorcycle manufacturer.

Racing career

YearClassResult & Pole positionMachine
1997 250cc 28th PP: 0 1st: 0 2nd: 0 3rd: 0 YZR250
1998 250cc 23th PP: 0 1st: 0 2nd: 0 3rd: 1 YZR250
1999 250cc 19th PP: 0 1st: 0 2nd: 0 3rd: 0 YZR250
2000 250cc 10th PP: 0 1st: 0 2nd: 0 3rd: 1 TZ250M
2001 250cc 9th PP: 0 1st: 0 2nd: 0 3rd: 0 YZR250

*Results for years with a Yamaha factory team, riding a Yamaha factory machine or ranked 5th or higher riding a Yamaha production racer (World GP, World F750)


  • Pacific GP in 2001

    Pacific GP in 2001


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