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View machine data for past races Yamaha has competed in.

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Adoption of fuel injection and ICS

This model was developed with the aims of improving the power development characteristics and the handling performance. The existing carburetor was replaced by a fuel infection (FI) system and the engine-brake control system of the 2002 model was replaced with
an Idle Control System (ICS). This FI system was a twin injector type with two injectors per cylinder contributed to better mapping adaptability for different MotoGP courses, improved control capabilities and fuel economy. In conjunction with the switch to fuel injection, air box capacity was increased and eventually a 25PS increase in max. power output was achieved. The ICS system adopted as an engine management system (EMS) is a mechanism that uses servomotors to adjust the throttle valve opening on two of the four
cylinders based on input on the actual running conditions via the ECU to provide added stability during braking and better cornering performance. The new frame achieved an outstanding rigidity balance with roughly the same lateral rigidity as the previous year's model but a 14%increase in longitudinal rigidity and 11% increase in torsional rigidity. The new aerodynamically designed cowling contributed to improved handling stability and better high-speed performance that enabled the machine to record a top speed of 320 km/h (test result).

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    • Capacity - 990cc
    • Max Power - 200PS
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