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  • MotoGP
  • 500cc
  • 250cc
  • 125cc
  • 750cc


This is the machine that powered Yamaha to its third consecutive MotoGP Triple Crown. As with the previous model, the development focus was on further maturation of the Chassis, engine and EMS with the aim of achieving higher levels of grider-machine collaboration. Chassis improvements included revisions in the fairing shape and the shape of the fairing's side duct to improve cooling performance. The result was a lowering of the average coolant temperature by 2 degrees C. and the oil temperature by 8 degrees, which contributed to more stable performance. As for the frame, a revision was made in the engine mounting position and corresponding adjustments were made in the rigidity balance in the direction of greater lateral flexibility. Together, these revisions contributed to better running stability. In response to the new regulation limit on number of engines that could be used in a season, active use was made of CAE technology to achieve higher levels of reliability to enable an average use of more than 2,000km per engine.

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  • Spec

    • Capacity - 800cc
    • Max Power - 200hp
  • Records


    1st: 2 Valentino Rossi Fiat Yamaha Team Qatar, Malaysia
    1st: 9 Jorge Lorenzo Fiat Yamaha Team Spain, France, UK, The Netherlands, Catalunya, USA, Czech, Portugal, Valencia


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