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Yamaha Motor Develops New "Advanced Robotics Automation Platform"Automation System Enables Integrated Control of Multiple Robot Products with One Controller

October 17, 2016

IWATA, October 17, 2016—Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Tokyo: 7272) announced today that it has developed the new “Advanced Robotics Automation Platform.” This integrated control robot system enables building advanced automated production lines at low cost, in short time frames, and provides a remarkable increase in compatibility with IoT. The newly-developed integrated controller delivers comprehensive coordination and synchronous control of an entire automated system, including transport of pieces, handling, image recognition, and control of peripheral devices.

This integrated controller compatible with the “Advanced Robotics Automation Platform” and various new robot products, including single-axis robots, SCARA robots, linear conveyor modules, cameras with built-in image processing capability, and controllers, for a total of 91 models and 202 individual variants, will go on sale from December 1, 2016.

Yamaha Motor offers a comprehensive and wide-ranging lineup of industrial robots and peripheral devices required for automated processes, from diverse robots including single axis, cartesian, SCARA, and articulated models, to image processing systems and transport linear conveyor modules. Until now, control of these robots and peripheral devices involved installing one controller for each robot or device. However, the newly-developed “Advanced Robotics Automation Platform” enables integrated control of compatible robot products and peripheral devices with one controller. This brings significant benefits in terms of simplifying the design of automated production lines, as well as cost reductions and improvements in space efficiency.
This integrated control robot system has been achieved by leveraging Yamaha Motor’s strengths in its diverse lineup of robot products.

Through this “Advanced Robotics Automation Platform” integrated control robot system, Yamaha Motor offers rapid resolution of issues in manufacturing sites and maximizes return on investment.

“Advanced Robotics Automation Platform” Integrated Control Robot System Conceptual Diagram

>> Advanced Robotics Automation Platform Special Site
>> Integrated Controller "YHX Series"
>> Linear Conveyor Module "LCM-X"
>> AC Servo Motor "GX Serie"s and "YLE Series"
>>  SCARA Robot "YKX Series"
>> Robot Camera "YFAEYE"

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