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The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011 – About the Yamaha Booth

November 30, 2011

Main Display Models

[World Premiere Models]

World Premiere Models

Models making world debut at the Tokyo Motor Show

·Y125 MOEGI (Reference vehicle)
·EC-Miu (Reference vehicle)
·XTW250 RYOKU (Reference vehicle)
·PAS WITH (Reference vehicle)

[Japan Premiere Models]

Japan Premiere Models

Models making Japan debut at the Tokyo Motor Show

·YZF-R1 WGP 50th Anniversary Edition (Reference vehicle)
·TMAX (Reference vehicle / Export-spec vehicle)
·Majesty (Production vehicle)

[Other Main Display Models]

·DragStar400 (Production vehicle)
·SEROW250 (Production vehicle)
·CYGNUS-X SR WGP 50th Anniversary Edition (Production vehicle)
·BW’s 50 (Reference vehicle / Overseas production vehicle)
·Super Ténéré Worldcrosser (Reference vehicle)
·YZR-M1 (Reference vehicle / Commemorative model)
·Other Products (Special Exhibits)

About the Yamaha Booth

The Yamaha Motor booth will send a message of "Feel the Future in the Wind" to visitors at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show. The booth will be displaying 20 motorcycles, including innovative concept models, plus a special exhibit of five models showing the diversity of personal mobility. The "Feel the Future in the Wind" theme expresses fun and exhilaration as well as the usefulness and convenience that motorcycles offer us for personal mobility, plus the wealth of possibilities the future has in store. Yamaha Motor wishes to use this year's Tokyo Motor Show to send a message of the importance of personal mobility, as well as to show many people the joy of how simply changing what you ride can refresh your daily life, and make weekends and going out something to look forward to. The displays include clean, zero emission, 100% electric powered 2-wheelers, electrically power assisted bicycles to enjoy in daily life, motorcycles to make weekends more exciting, personal vehicles to use on the water or in the mountains, and concept models that not only offer new answers to today's trends and expectations, but do it with exciting and pleasurable new riding experiences. In all of these exhibits, we hope visitors will discover Yamaha Motor's passion for creating products that open up new possibilities of "vehicles that move you" in today's diverse fields of personal mobility.

Booth Layout


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