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The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011 – About the Yamaha Booth

November 30, 2011

DragStar400 (Production vehicle)


This is the 2012 model of the only air-cooled V-twin cruiser model in the domestic 400cc class. Distinguished by its high-quality chrome plated parts, long-and-low styling and low-maintenance shaft drive, this model is a highly regarded example of the "Japanese-made American style cruiser" that looks cool even when riding slow and offers the added joy of customization.

[Length×Width×Height]= 2,340mm×840mm×1,065mm   [Wet weight]= 234kgm   [Flat, paved road mileage]= 39.0km/L(60km/h)   [Engine type]= Air-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve   [Cylinder arrangement]= V2-cylinder   [Displacement]= 399cm3   [Maximum power]= 22kW(30PS)/7,500r/min   [Maximum torque]= 31N·m(3.2kgf·m)/6,250r/min   [Fuel tank capacity]= 15L   [Fuel supply system]= Fuel injection   [Transmission type]= Return type 5-speed

SEROW250 (Production vehicle)


Since pioneering a new category of "mountain trail" motorcycles with its release in 1985, the Serow has remained a long-seller popular for its outstanding off-road trekking performance and its ease of use in around-town riding. The 2012 model sports impressive new graphics designed in the image of the Serow animal.

[Length×Width×Height]= 2,100mm×805mm×1,160mm   [Wet weight]= 130kg   [Flat, paved road mileage]= 40.0km/L(60km/h)   [Engine type]= Air-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve   [Cylinder arrangement]= Single cylinder   [Displacement]= 249cm3   [Maximum power]= 14kW(18PS)/7,500r/min   [Maximum torque]= 19N·m(1.9kgf·m)/6,500r/min   [Fuel tank capacity]= 9.6L   [Fuel supply system]= Fuel injection   [Transmission type]= Return type 5-speed

CYGNUS-X SR WGP 50th Anniversary Edition (Production vehicle)


The CYGNUS-X SR is a 125cc scooter acclaimed for its sporty performance and equipment. This special commemorative version sports the traditional Yamaha race colors used this year to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of World Championship Grand Prix racing for Yamaha.

[Length×Width×Height]= 1,855mm×685mm×1,130mm   [Wet weight]= 122kg   [Flat, paved road mileage]= 40.0km/L(60km/h)   [Engine type]= Air-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve   [Cylinder arrangement]= Single cylinder   [Displacement]= 124cm3   [Maximum power]= 7.8kW(11PS)/8,500r/min   [Maximum torque]= 9.1N·m(0.93kgf·m)/7,500r/min   [Fuel tank capacity]= 7.1L   [Fuel supply system]= Fuel injection   [Transmission type]= V-Belt Automatic

BW's 50 (Reference vehicle / Overseas production vehicle)


This 50cc scooter urban commuter model with an off-road flavor has won a large popular following, primarily in North American markets.

*Intended market: Canada

[Length×Width×Height]= 1,855mm×730mm×1,095mm   [Wet weight]= 93kg   [Engine type]= Air-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC, 3-valve   [Cylinder arrangement]= Single cylinder   [Displacement]= 49cm3   [Maximum power]= 3.0kW/8,000r/min   [Maximum torque]= 3.9N·m/6,500r/min   [Fuel tank capacity]= 4.5L   [Fuel supply system]= Fuel injection

Super Ténéré Worldcrosser (Reference vehicle)


This is a concept model created in Europe based on the XT1200Z (export model) as a rugged, powerful machine to literally cross the world, as its name implies. Boasting an array of new mechanisms and lightweight components throughout to boost its “go anywhere” performance potential, this special version is Yamaha's invitation to the world of extreme off-road adventure.

YZR-M1 (Reference vehicle / Commemorative model)

image image

This is the proud factory machine that competes in MotoGP, the pinnacle class of the world championships of road racing. It is the machine that won Yamaha an amazing three consecutive MotoGP Triple Crowns (Riders', Teams' and Constructors' titles) from 2008 to 2010, a feat never before achieved in World Championship Grand Prix history. The machine on display bears Yamaha's traditional Red & White racing colors commemorating the 50th Anniversary of World Championship Grand Prix racing for Yamaha.

Other Products (Special Exhibits)

image image

An array of Yamaha vehicles for commercial use, daily life, sports and leisure are on display, including all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, electric wheelchairs and more. Please take a look at all the possibilities Yamaha offers to "move you" in all kinds of fields around the world.

Displayed Vehicle Summary

[Motorcycles & Scooters] Y125 MOEGI / EC-Miu / XTW250 RYOKU / VMAX / YZF-R1 WGP 50th Anniversary Edition / FZ1 FAZER GT / TMAX / DragStar400 / Majesty / SR400 / SEROW250 / WR250R / CYGNUS-X SR WGP 50th Anniversary Edition / EC-03 / BW's 50 / Super Tenere Worldcrosser / YZR-M1
[Electrically Power Assisted Bicycles] PAS WITH / PAS Brace L / PAS VIENTA
[Special Exhibits] Raptor90 (All-terrain Vehicle) / Rhino700F-SE (Side-by-Side Vehicle) / MJ-VXR (Personal watercraft) / FXNytro R-TX (Snowmobile) / JW ACTIVE S (Electric Wheelchair)
[Other Technology Exhibits] LEXUS LFA V10 Engine (Automobile Engine) / Yamaha Performance Damper (Automobile Parts) / YAMAHA POWER BEAM (Motorcycle Parts)

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