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The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011 – About the Yamaha Booth

November 30, 2011

Y125 MOEGI (Reference vehicle)


Emphasizing the simple beauty in the structure of a motorcycle, this elegant and retro-modern concept model is a fresh embodiment of the Yamaha design philosophy. The familiar look and feel of a bicycle and the easy and enjoyable ride make this model appealing not only as a personal vehicle for daily commuting, but it also has an active image that will lure owners on longer jaunts on the weekends. The combination of a world standard 125cc class engine, a slim and lightweight frame and thin, low-rolling resistance tires gives this model a weight of only 80 kg and fuel economy of 80 km/l (measured in M-LA4 mode) in urban use. It also uses a belt drive and LED lights to reduce maintenance.

[Length×Width×Height]= 1,960mm×630mm×980mm   [Wet weight]= 80kg   [Engine type]= Air-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve   [Cylinder arrangement]= Single cylinder   [Displacement]= 125cm3   [Fuel tank capacity]= 3L   [Fuel supply system]= Fuel injection   [Transmission type]= Return type 4-speed

EC-Miu (Reference vehicle)


This is a concept model Yamaha proposes to expand the potential for electric commuter models in urban lifestyles. Positioned in the 50cc (Gentsuki) class, it has two rear wheels for an easy ride that women will especially enjoy. It is designed in the image of the flow of wind with a compact size (same as the EC-03 electric powered commuter vehicle) that makes it a breeze to handle. It's an “easy on me and easy on the environment” vehicle that will be a perfect partner for those little daily errands around town.

[Length×Width×Height]= 1,560mm×510mm×1,280mm   [Engine type]= Permanent magnet synchronous motor   [Rated output]= Moped with less than 0.6kW rated output   [Battery type]= Lithium-ion Battery

XTW250 RYOKU (Reference vehicle)


Here is a “SUV motorcycle” with toughness and heavy-duty utility that adds a new dimension to the great mobility and convenience motorcycles are known for. It was designed to offer "unrestricted, anytime, anywhere" mobility for a variety of uses within the Japanese market, with great performance, load capacity, and operability. The combination of fat tires, a large rear carrier that is interchangeable with the tandem seat, the slim gas tank and the machine's low center-of-gravity for control on unstable, changing land, give this motorcycle the performance to awaken your thirst for adventure. Its practical features include an engine guard that can be used as a spade, side stands on both sides, a folding windscreen, front carrier, removable LED fog lamps and two AC 100V battery sockets, all of which expand its potential in all kinds of riding fields and situations. Here is "a reliable tool" for people in Japan who love motorcycles and the outdoors.

[Length×Width×Height]= 2,130mm×900mm×1,350mm   [Engine type]= Air-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve   [Cylinder arrangement]= Single cylinder   [Displacement]= 249cm3   [Fuel supply system]= Fuel injection   [Transmission type]= Return type 5-speed

PAS WITH (Reference vehicle)

image image

When folded.

Here is a concept model that proposes a new way of using and enjoying today's increasingly popular electrically power assisted bicycles. To complement its practicality for everyday commuting or shopping trips, this model is designed to fold up easily to carry on the train, bus, or put in your car when you travel. In addition to the light and comfortable ride of the front and rear suspensions, this model uses a clean belt drive instead of a chain. The power unit is built into the front wheel hub to increase design freedom while providing a pleasant power assist. This enables both the innovative design with its distinctive leaf spring and seamless frame shape, and the practicality of the foldable design.

[Length×Width×Height] (When folded)= 1,407mm×969mm×607mm (1,144mm×595mm×365mm)   [Rated output]= Front wheel 240W Hubmotor   [Battery type]= Lithium-ion Battery

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