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New Developments

The latest on Yamaha Motor’s technical R&D

The NEWS in our R&D and testing programs forging the future

Developing an Electric Trials Bike with an Eye on Carbon Neutrality
Achieving carbon neutrality is an issue pertinent to the entire world. In its goal to achieve carbon neutrality throughout all of its business activities—including across the life cycles of its products—by 2050, Yamaha Motor sees electrification as one important key to reducing its CO2 emissions, and to that end is engaged in a range of R&D pursuits for advanced technologies.
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Industrial-Use Unmanned Helicopters Enabling Aerial Forestry Surveys
Leveraging the advantages of our industrial-use unmanned helicopters, such as the usable range afforded by their small gasoline engines, makes it possible to perform aerial measurements and surveys to assess current conditions in remote mountainous forests and other areas otherwise difficult to reach on foot or with a drone. We are now offering services for conducting smarter forest management from the air.
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Smart Agriculture through UGVs and Robotics
Overcoming growing labor shortages in the agriculture industry is a challenge shared by numerous developed countries. Yamaha is putting its robotics expertise to work in developing an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) paired with an articulated robot arm capable of complex movements and actions. We are currently conducting field tests in order to automate harvesting and transport work and thereby contribute to labor savings.
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Electric Motors for Hyper-EVs
Yamaha is accepting orders for developing prototype electric motors featuring industry-leading output density for use in various mobility and transportation applications and equipment. In April 2021, we announced our newly developed electric motor reaching the 350 kW class in maximum output, and with the electric vehicle market on the cusp of a period of explosive growth, Yamaha is offering manufacturers products born of its wealth of automotive technical know-how.
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Series Hybrid Core: A Power Unit to Expand Drone Usability
As drones featuring longer flight times, greater range and heavier payload capacity become more common, they will become an integral part of infrastructure aiding our work and daily lives. Yamaha is currently developing a series hybrid system that will substantially improve on the efficiency of today’s drone power units.
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