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Yamaha Outboard Stories

Introducing the history of Yamaha outboards, epoch-making models and technology

Challenges that Led to Unrivaled Reliability

As of 2020, sixty years have passed since the birth of the first Yamaha outboard motor. In 2019, a cumulative production milestone of 12 million units was reached for Yamaha outboards, which are today enjoyed by many on seas, lakes and rivers across the globe. Yamaha enjoys a strong reputation around the world as an outboard motor brand, but the early years of our outboard operations were not all smooth sailing. There were high hurdles and no small number of setbacks along the way as we sought—often through repeated trial and error—to build products that people would love. And no matter the difficulties they faced, the Yamaha staff involved in the engineering, manufacturing, marketing and service of our outboards overcame every obstacle, embodying the “Spirit of Challenge” at the heart of Yamaha Motor’s corporate culture. And the new horizons they opened came through always taking on new challenges.

Beginning of Yamaha Outboards

Beginning of Outboards‘ Development
Owner’s manuals were the sole materials for development
Building the Primary Foundation
Building Yamaha Outboards to withstand harsh Use conditions

To the Global Market

Toward Larger Outboards
Technical advances lead to bigger models and global market recognition
As the Global Brand
Success in the USA wins Yamaha’s large Horsepower outboards a place in the Global market
The long-selling "85A"
The 85A has been used and loved by customers in both the pleasure and commercial markets

Outboards’ Leading Company

Becoming the World’s Top Brand
Both in the 2 stroke and 4 stroke, Yamaha’s technical experience recognized as one of the world’s leading outboard brand.
For Reliable and Rich Marine Life
More powerful outboards and the new boat Control systems

From its humble beginnings of developing outboards for use in small fishing ports around Japan, the 60-year history of Yamaha outboards has taken us to waters around the world and driven numerous technological advances. But what hasn’t changed is the care and passion we bring to the design and manufacture of each and every product. Whether it is for business or pleasure, Yamaha outboards are built to bring all the joys, comforts and fulfillment of the marine lifestyle to people around the world. This has been and will remain why Yamaha will continue striving to produce the best outboard motors possible.

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