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V6 4.3-liter 350ps

Newly designed V6 engine with advanced features, combining power and light weight

Lightest In Its ClassThe new, 4.3L V6 Offshore F350 offers the best power-to-weight in its class,
feel the full benefit of the 350hp V6's impressive power advantages.

The newly designed F350B joins to the Yamaha Outboard Motors family to meet customer demand for horsepower diversity combined with our premium-level performance and reliability. Engine block and gearcase upgrades provide a strong core for powering up and going the distance, while comfort and convenience options create a confident ride.

0124-valve, DOHC, 60-deg. V6 4.3L

The V-type 6-cylinder inherited from the F300F has an expanded piston stroke and a displacement of 4.3L.
Furthermore, by increasing the diameter of the intake and exhaust valves, adopting a camshaft profile and a valve lifter made from the same durable material used for XTO 450 lifters, horsepower has been increased to 350 based on proven reliability.

02Exhaust fan and Outlet/Through-Cowling Heat Exhaust

The F350B boasts larger intake and exhaust valves than the F300F and uses the same electronic throttle valve as the 5.6L V8 F450A to maximize air movement.
An effective rotating cooling fan was incorporated into the flywheel to combat the potential build-up of residual heat inside the cowling.
Essentially, whenever the motor is running air is continuously drawn in from the flywheel stator area of the motor, passes through the exhaust duct, and is expelled to the outside through the exhaust outlet at the top of the cowling. This cooling system is very effective in drawing heat out of the flywheel area even at low engine speeds.

03Electronic Throttle Valve and Intake Manifold

Intake system offer an appreciable air flow advantage for the new Yamaha F350B.
The F350B has the same 81mm electronic throttle valve as the F450A, which is 8% larger in diameter than the F300F (6KA), and is located in the center of the engine. The intake manifold is equipped with a larger surge tank to optimize the amount and timing of air flowing into the intake port.

04Gearcase Durability

The gearcase incorporates a freshly designed clutch dog machined with more teeth for strong torque transfer from powerhead to propeller and uses Yamaha’s extensive line of V6 propellers for maximum versatility.

05Charging Power

The F350B’s 74-amp alternator produces more than 30 net amps per outboard at idle—nearly double that of Yamaha’s other comparable outboards.

06Built-in Digital Electric Steering (DES)

The same smooth, fast, and precise Digital Electric Steering that was introduced on the F450A (6KN) is now built-in to F350B (6ML).
The result is significantly easier rigging and an uncluttered bilge - with no steering pumps, hoses, hydraulic lines or connections, no bleeding procedure, less complexity and straightforward serviceability.
Both use the latest in boat steering technology to provide smooth, fast steering and, unlike some conventional steering systems, draw battery amperage only when actively in use.

07Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust (TERE)

Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust (TERE) keeps exhaust bubbles above the antiventilation plate and out of the propeller below 2500r/min when in reverse. This means the prop bites only clean water, resulting in outstanding reverse thrust and control to back down on fish. It's especially effective when combined with the fast precision of Digital Electric Steering and the Helm Master™ EX Full Maneuverability joystick . very helpful around docks and confined spaces.

08New Intermediate Drive Shaft and Shift Rod

The lower unit is available in three transom lengths. The F350B is offered in 25”, 30” and 35” shaft lengths in either a complete model or a late-stage customized lower unit model with intermediate drive shaft and shift rod.

09New Shape and cowling

The styling of the new generation is a bold expression that expresses power and thrust with absolute elegance. The surface lines and style lines are imbued with a sense of unity that expresses elegance. Looking at the boat from a rear view, the two style lines that start at the top and continue down vertically give an overall slim impression.
The front side has an exhaust outlet to release the residual heat inside the cowling, achieving both functionality and an impressive design.

10TotalTilt™ Function

Yamaha's exclusive TotalTilit™ allows a complete tilt up or down from any position with a simple double-push of a button. When the engine is moving, a buzzer sounds to alert crew to keep clear, and the integrated tilt limiter helps to prevent inadvertent damage.

11Propeller Light for Engine Mount (optional)

Optional for boats featuring the F350B (6ML) with Helm Master™ EX Full Maneuver ability, there is an available Integrated propeller light. The light mounts directly in the rear side bottom cowl of the outboard motor(s) rather than requiring independent lights on the transom. These clearly indicate the boat is actively in Set point mode to anyone approaching from abaft.

The lineups of outboard models offered differ by country or area. Product names, coloring and graphics may also differ. The specifications of outboards shown on this website may be changed or production discontinued without notice.
Always read your owner's manual before using the outboard and be sure to use it properly.
Direct inquiries concerning Yamaha outboards to your country's distributor or local dealership.

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