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Real Sound Viewing Japan Mobility Show 2023

Various information of YAMAHA's JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023 is available.

Real Sound Viewing

Reality beyond space and time

“Real sound viewing” technology developed by Yamaha Corporation offers a live experience for everyone regardless of the time or place by recreating live performances that could not be attended due to various reasons, such as unavailable tickets, faraway venue, and separated music bands. The technology involves the digitization of performances and converts related data into live sounds of instruments. Thus, live performances are faithfully recreated.
“Though there are people wanting to experience more live performances, such opportunities are not available. I want to retain the true atmosphere of live performances.” With this thought in mind, Mr. Yoshiyuki Tsuge, the developer, envisioned and achieved “vacuum packing” of live performances.
He works every day to store music for the next generation as an intangible cultural heritage. It is not a dream to see today's artists in a session with artists from 100 years ago.
Today, you can experience “Virtual World” with H ZETTRIO.

On display with cooperation from Yamaha Corporation.

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