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MOTOROiD2 Japan Mobility Show 2023

Various information of YAMAHA's JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023 is available.


How do you coexist with a machine like a living creature?

What will human–machine interfaces actually be like in the future? This experimental model melds mobility with intelligent technologies in order to study that question. Yamaha Motor hypothesized that achieving a closer relationship between rider and machine in which they resonate harmoniously with each other like partners would lead to new forms of Jin-Ki Kanno,* and since unveiling the MOTOROiD in 2017, the Company has since continued its R&D into technologies, designs, and more based on that concept.

As a further evolution of the original MOTOROiD, MOTOROiD2 is also a vehicle for personal mobility that can recognize its owner, get up off its kickstand, and move alongside its rider, but also has a distinctly lifelike feel when somebody is riding on its back and has a presence more like a lifetime companion. The Active Mass Center Control System (AMCES) for attitude sensing and self-balancing as well as the image recognition AI system for recognizing and reacting to the owner’s face and gestures have both been further refined. Additionally, MOTOROiD2 features a new Leaf structure unlike any motorcycle before, giving the model a chassis specialized for lifelike and complementary reactions to the rider.

*Yamaha Motor’s development ideal that seeks to deliver users the seductive exhilaration felt when they truly become one with their machine.

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