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Japan Mobility Show 2023

Various information of YAMAHA's JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023 is available.


With the courage to take the first step, future can be changed

The technologies acquired through the R&D that produced MOTOBOT—an autonomous motorcycle-riding humanoid robot unveiled in 2015—and MOTOROiD became the foundation for developing the Advanced Motorcycle Stabilization Assist System (AMSAS), which frees users from the worry and fatigue that accompanies riding at very slow, walking speeds in particular and helps make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable. The ELOVE was created with “Game changing!” as its concept and is an electric scooter equipped with AMSAS. The standard model pictured will be on display alongside a version with styling co-conceived by a high school student from a remote island in Okinawa, who commutes to campus via a 50cc scooter, and a professional wheelchair tennis player.

produced by GK Dynamics

Advanced Motorcycle Stability Assist System(AMSAS)

Motorcycle accidents are primarily caused by rider errors in perception, judgment, and operation. Data shows that about 70% of these errors occur within two seconds of the incident. Yamaha Motor is advancing the development of driving assistance technology with a focus on "danger anticipation," "damage prevention and defense," "emergency evasion," and "damage reduction" to achieve a balance between rider confidence and enjoyment. The Advanced Motorcycle Stability Assist System (AMSAS), introduced last year, is a technology that stabilizes low-speed riding by controlling drive and steering forces, and it has the advantage of not requiring frame modification, making it easily applicable to existing vehicles. With control of six-axis sensors and actuators, low-speed riding at walking speed levels is now possible regardless of the rider's skill level. Development is also progressing in collaboration with the already implemented "Radar-Linked Unified Brake System," and there are high expectations for its application to a wide range of personal mobility devices including bicycles.

An online platform where you can explore manufacturing
with "GK Dynamics", the designers of ELOVE!


Turning “Patient Customers” into “Creators with Fulfilling Smiles”

GK MONO/KOTO Lab. is a voluntary manufacturing community run by GK Dynamics, a comprehensive design firm based in Tokyo, teamed with diverse users and experts from outside. Our aim is to question the current status quo; one-way logic by providers, the closed-off development sites, and intentional disconnection between "makers and users”. We believe that the act of making something is the fundamental pleasure of human beings, thus every user can also become a "creator” in every unique way. The challenge here is such relationship between "creation and usability" that has been divided as a matter of course ever since the postwar period in Japan. How might we create a new manufacturing ecosystem by ourselves that can blend and resonate with the two sides? GK MONO/KOTO Lab. continues to explore the ideal form of next-gen manufacturing through various experimental initiatives.

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