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Charlie Japan Mobility Show 2023

Various information of YAMAHA's JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023 is available.


Every life can become a song

Yamaha Corporation’s AI robot “Charlie” talks with you in songs. Today, we present the AI robot “Charlie” that will tell you about a motorcycle and two Yamaha companies using ChatGPT developed by OpenAI and “the song generating AI” developed by Yamaha Corporation. Yamaha Motor is in charge of the conversation AI, which combines ChatGPT and AI technology to achieve learning of Yamaha history and Charlie’s character tuning. The song generating AI developed by Yamaha Corporation is being used to generate songs. Charlie’s concept is “monotonous life is too boring.” It comforts you with dramatic singing of fun songs in good times and ballads in sad times, finding the perfect song for every mood.

Charlie is no longer in production.
On display with cooperation from Yamaha Corporation.

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