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Active Field Control (AFC) Japan Mobility Show 2023

Various information of YAMAHA's JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023 is available.

Active Field Control (AFC)

Immersion - the first step to wonderment

“Active Field Control (AFC),” an immersive audio solution developed by Yamaha Corporation, can freely control audio objects within a sound field and create an ideal sound environment.
AFC has two functions: “AFC Enhance,” which is a sound field support system that optimizes the reverberation of a space, and “AFC Image,” which is an audiovisual control system that freely controls the localization of a sound. Yamaha Corporation’s many years of experience and rich knowledge in the sound design of concert halls and theaters is reflected in both these systems. For this show, we will use AFC for our entire booth to create an immersive audio space where you can comfortably experience the reality of motorcycle performance, the performance of musical instruments, and music on the stage. This is an immersive and amazing experience unique to Yamaha. Please try it for yourself by visiting the booth.

On display with cooperation from Yamaha Corporation.

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